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Cutting & styling

Wash, Cut & Blowdry — £28.00
Restyle — £35.00
Gents Cut — £10.00
Under 5's — £8.00
Childs Cut, Wash and Blow Dry — £18.00
Blowdry (short) — £15.00
Blowdry (long) — £18.00
Set — £20.00


The best way of ensuring that you are allergy free from hair colouring, is to come into our Salon 48 hours before and have a free patch test.

Full Head Tint (short) — £35.00
Full Head Tint (long) — £42.00
Re-Growth — £27.00
Full Head Foils — £55.00
Half Head Foils — £45.00
T-Bar — £40.00
Colour In Between Foils — £15.00
Re-Growth & Few Foils — £40.00
Colour Correction — Price on appointment
£5 Off Blowdry with Every Colour


The Trial consists of a full 2 hour consultation per person. Working together with skin tones and enhancing your best features. You'll leave feeling totally happy with your look. One less thing to worry about, ensuring you'll find the whole process relaxing and enjoyable.

Make Up


Bride — £45.00
Bridesmaid — £40.00
Mother of the Bride — £35.00
Groom — £35.00
Tattoo Cover Up — £15.00

Wedding Day

Bride — £65.00
Bridesmaid — £60.00
Mother of the Bride — £45.00
Groom — £45.00
Tattoo Cover Up — £25.00


We are here to make sure that you feel like the bride that you have always dreamed of, since you were little. You're in safe hands....We've heard too many nightmare hair stories with over hair-sprayed 80's curls or so many pins, you can't even lift your head! Hair should be soft, glamorous and frankly, feel amazing! Come along to the studio for a consultation and see what we can do for you.


Bride — £55.00
Bridesmaid — £50.00
Mother of the Bride/Groom — £35.00
Flower Girls (up to 10 yrs) — £10.00

Wedding Day

Bride — £65.00
Bridesmaid — £60.00
Mother of the Bride/Groom — £45.00
Flower Girls (up to 10 yrs) — £20.00


We are based in the Wells, Somerset area and also work extensively in and around Dorset. In fact, we can go to anywhere! However. further than 30 miles radius of Wells will incur mileage fees. Anything over 50 miles radius, please contact myself.

A deposit of 50% is required when booking a wedding service. 2 months notice is needed for cancellation. If not, the deposit is non refundable. A touch up service is available for special occasions i.e: weddings, proms or balls on the day or evening at £30.00 an hour.

Please note, that we like to do any trials in the comfort of the salon. We have everything under one roof and we will provide the service that you need. However, if you need us at any location on the day, to be as stress free as possible, then we will come to you.

Payments for any service is cash only.
Please note that there is a call-out charge of 60 if just for one person.



Full Set Acrylics with Gel Polish — £28.00
Infill with Gel Polish — £25.00
Babyboomers — £35.00
Gel Extensions with Gel Polish — £35.00
Infill with Gel Polish — £30.00
Acrylic Take Off — £15.00
Take Off + New set — £38.00

Gel Polish Hands or Feet

Full Set Includes removal of previous set as required — £22.00
With layer of hard gel — £25.00
Gel Take Off — £10.00

Per Nail

Acrylic — £3.00
Gel — £4.00
Gel Polish — £2.00


Hollywood Brow

6 Step Procedure which includes Preparation and Assessment, Tinting, Waxing, Trimming, Tweeze and finally Grooming £12.00


*Patch test required 48hrs prior to tinting. If 6 months or more have passed since your last tinting procedure at our salon it is essential to pop in and have a patch test. (no appointment necessary).

Facial waxing

Eyebrows — £6.00
Lip — £5.00
Chin — £5.00
Face — £10.00


Manicure — £20.00
Pedicure — £24.00
Manicure and Gel Polish — £32.00
Pedicure and Gel Polish — £35.00
French Manicure Polish — £15.00
Nail Paint — £12.00

Opening Times

Monday — 09:00 - 5:00
Tuesday — 09:00 - 6:00
Wednesday — 09:00 - 5:00
Thursday — 09:00 - 7:00
Friday — 09:00 - 5:00
Saturday — 09:00 - 4:00
Sunday — CLOSED


Our vouchers make ideal gifts for brides-to-be, your prom princesses or just for someone who you think would enjoy being made over. They make a wonderful and thoughtful solution to the worry of who will look after your make up on your special day, a lovely way of showing you're thinking beyond just flowers or chocolates.

Available in £10 denominations

Loyalty Cards

If its to be a bronzed beauty, to have long lushious nails or to simply flutter your eyes with long lashes, then our loyalty card is for you. Simply collect ten stamps and you will receive one of my beauty vouchers worth £10 absolutely free!

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